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This is great, the puppets are decent looking, the video ending is of professional quality, and the voice acting and music work great! Nice theme with the scary mario parody! And love the intro joke with the blood title on the wall.

The troll 2 reference was pretty stupid lol. The flashback was great and the whole mood of the ambiance turning spooky in the second half was nicely done.

Great job!

Awesome Stuff as always, art and animation good, your colors are always vivid and the jokes are entertaining. Keep up the great work you always have been doing.

Sexual-Lobster responds:


Awesome Stuff Again! Sound was good, Animation was decent. Great job!

chappello responds:

Thank you man !!!!

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excellent job

the music was so in synced with the frets that I rock this with my wireless guitar controller (by mapping my guitar keys to the keyboard of course) excellent game.
You could have animated the audience a little more though, you know like every 4 frames between the 60 (im guess 60 is the framerate here) they can move give it enough animation but wont make the frets skip. But other than that Excellent job.


I gave the graphics a 10 cause I know it takes skill to make graphics look 8-bit, The style was awesome but some characters have some cheap shots but fair enough. The sound is awesome, Crash & the street boys credit music and bayou billy sound effects awesome! Is the the stage music original, I never heard it, but its really cacthy. The actionscript was awesome, only thing that made me a little bit annoyed was having to really line myself with the enemy to hit him.

Glitch: I only played the game only once and beat it. When I did it said I unlocked apollo, but instead I unlock all charcaters and nobody was selectable, not even drago so I couldnt start the game.

Other than that the difficulty level is perfect. There's enough energy and power ups to last through the game. Great job.

excellent actionscripting!

That is some really excellent actionscripting you got there! Even though you used sprites, You did a good job putting the animations and sounds together to give it the right feel.

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Oh that was so lovely! Great Voice!

Awesome sounds, definitely has a carnival feeling to it. Needs more chip sounds though like square and pulse waves but really great job!

Sykozealot responds:

yea i could see more chip sounds but I didn't want to overdo it


This is a very awesome and fits in for boss music, the organs were great at the begin, and musicgets a little calm after that which is great so it wont distract too much if it was used in gameplay. Wonderful job.

cornandbeans responds:


I was going for an old school feel. Like Final Fantasy, you know? Actually I have a FF soundfont that I used on here for the organs.. It's pretty sweet, eh? :D

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Is that suppose to be Gunnery Sergeant Hartman on the left, being in a ironic situation where he's training super villians that has got him scared? I bet Sergeant Hartman wouldnt take shit from none of these guys. Excellent concept Awesome art and color!

Im an artist/musician doing a whole bunch of other things at once. Ihope to get some stuff done really soon like some cartoons videogames and comics.

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